Your Brewing Project, Simplified

BrewFlasher takes the pain out of flashing brewing-related firmware to your ESP32 or ESP8266-based project. Stop fumbling with multiple downloads, flash addresses, or confusing commands, and get on with your build. 100% free, 100% open source.

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Flashing Made Easy

Graphical Interface

No command line experience necessary - BrewFlasher handles all the details for you.

Automatic Downloads

BrewFlasher automatically locates & downloads all the files you need to flash your project.

100% Free

100% Free and Open Source. Free to use, forever. MIT Licensed!.


Built by Brewers

We created BrewFlasher to make our lives easier, and released it to hopefully make your life easier too.

About the Project

Built for Brewers

Supports a curated list of popular brewing-related projects

Supported Projects